About Us

ABOUT US                      

Brims & Accessories opened its doors in November of 2004 with the desire to recapture the days when people dressed from “head to toe”! There is an old saying:  “One is never totally dressed until he has a hat on” remains true even today.  

Watch when someone enters any environment! If they are wearing a hat they are looked at from head to toe but if that same person walks into an environment without a hat on they are observed from their shoes to their head!

There’s just something about a “HAT” that just tops off whatever one is wearing. That’s why at Brims & Accessories our motto is “Where Style Always Starts On Top”!  It is our desire to provide you with the widest selection of headwear to fit every lifestyle. One can always “dress up” with a hat on or “dress down” with a hat on! So whether you’re off to take care of business or just hanging out with the guys at your local watering hole there is a hat that’s made for you!!


Brims & Accessories features a wide selection of Borsalino, Biltmore, Selentino, Dobbs, Stetson, Bailey, Kangol, Capas and historical headwear.


We also offer personalized Clean and Block service for most hats!
“What’s your Hattitude?”