Hat Care & Sizing

Proper care is the key to extending the life of your hat. Your hat adds the final accent to compliment your dress. Preserving your hat's original appearance, will bring about years of hat wearing pleasure. As the quality and quantity of your hat wardrobe expands, it becomes increasingly important to develop good hat care habits. Below are some general tips on caring for your hats.

· Never place the brim of a hat on a flat surface. This could cause the brim to flatten and lose its shape. Place upside down on its crown. Store on a clean surface or in a Hat Box.

· Never leave your hat in a hot car, closet, or anywhere that is exceptionally hot. Heat causes the sweatband to shrink, and your hat will no longer fit.

· Never handle you hat by the crown. If your hands are dirty or oily they will leave spots on the fabric. When removing or putting on your hat, pick up the hat by the brim. Try to adjust your hat by holding the front and back of the brim. Try to avoid handling the crown as much as possible.

· To remove dirt from a straw hat - clean with a damp cloth. Begin on the left side of your hat and gently rub the dampened towel counterclockwise toward the back.

· To remove dirt from a fur felt hat - use a soft hat brush. Use a dark colored hat brush for dark hats and a light colored hat brush for light hats. Begin on the left side of your hat, gently move the hat brush counterclockwise towards the back. 

· To remove any lint still remaining after brushing your hat, use 2" painter's tape (masking tape). Wrap the tape around all four of your fingers with sticky or adhesive side facing out. Gently pat your hat, removing any existing lint.

· To keep the sweatband dry of perspiration and hairdressings, occasionally turn down the sweatband to dry, with the leather sweatband turned out, perspiration and hair oil will evaporate instead of soaking into the hat. This applies to both felt and straw hats.